Retaining Walls

We’ll help you build a decorative feature to protect your yard and property and add beauty to your outdoor living space.

If you are looking to add function and beauty to your home’s outdoor area we have you covered. With a mix of design and practical functionality, Poulsbo Landscaping can help you build a retaining wall to accent your property. 

These types of additions to your outdoor living space are very helpful if your property is sloped or you just want to make a raised bed. Our retaining walls are designed to resist soil pressure and changing ground elevation. Plus, our functional designs allow you to expand the amount of livable, usable space and help protect your landscape from potential runoff issues.

Poulsbo Landscaping’s retaining walls perfectly fit your lifestyle and outdoor space needs. Serving as a feature wall, they can be the center of focus for your yard while giving you a variety of different benefits that help lower the amount of work you need to do to keep your landscape looking amazing. 

Installing a retaining wall comes with a number of benefits, including providing: 

  • Functional support to keeps your soil in place
  • Elimination of backyard unattractive hills or piles of dirt
  • Prevention of damage and protection to your property and surrounding structures
  • Flooding prevention
  • Erosion prevention
Retaining Wall in Poulsbo

The purpose of your retaining wall

Your retaining wall is designed to be an addition to your yard that adds functionality . With an intelligent design it can also become an impressive decorative feature. 

Whether you are looking to have one installed to eliminate landscape erosion or just aesthetic appeal, you are sure to enjoy the way that our retaining walls are able to greatly improve your property.

Even little hills and slight slopes in your yard can become an issue with heavy rains. They can destroy your garden and landscape even potentially causing damage to your home. Retaining walls help to keep your soil in place while giving your property that something special that stands apart from other yards in your neighborhood.

Contact us today with any questions you have about whether or not a retaining wall would be the right fit for you and your property. We look forward to working on your landscaping project in Poulsbo or Kitsap County.

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